Personal Injury Specialist

With over 20 years of experience and countless hours of continuing education, Dr. Broderick has established a highly specific, highly relevant documentation system that is vital for his patients to get fairly compensated for injuries they sustain in motor vehicle accidents.

Through his advanced narrative reporting, Dr Broderick takes the guesswork out of the documentation process. If it is not substantiated by objective, quantifiable data, peer reviewed literature or have third-party validation, it does not belong in the narrative. It is this level of specificity that makes him one of the leading experts on Personal Injury in New England.

When dealing with personal injury cases it is important to get the facts straight and be as precise as possible. Dr Broderick is one of 6 Chiropractors in New England that are certified in the DynaRom Motion EMG system. A system that 100 % objectively quantifies muscle firing and can assist in properly documenting impairment ratings.

Dr Broderick is also one of the first practitioners in the area utilizing the FDA cleared technology called CRMA, Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis. This also gives 100% objective data to help support any claims of permanency or impairment.

Lastly, as important as the data is, it needs to be organized in a way that is easily explained and understood. That is where the real value is. THAT is exactly what his system provides, a clear, concise, easily understandable narrative report that is backed by science and objective data.