Concussion Management

Our Mission

At Greater Lowell Chiropratic LLC, our mission is to offer prevention, detection and resolution of concussions in athletes of all ages. Our goal is to prevent athletes from returning to activity prematurely which could potentially cause worsening of symptoms, second impact syndrome and even death.

Our Philosophy

At Greater Lowell Chiropratic, LLC, we believe it is imperative to perform a baseline evaluation once every year in order to retain current data on a maturing athlete. This assists the clearing medical provider in making an informed decision as to when an athlete is ready to return to play following a concussion. Most return-to-play initiatives currently lack vestibular and postural balance evaluations which is a critical component in obtaining a baseline. At Greater Lowell Chiropratic, LLC, we utilize vestibular and postural balance testing in addition to cognitive testing for both pre- and post-concussion injury evaluations. This provides the clearing medical provider with objective quantifiable data about the athlete’s concussion recovery. We take the guesswork out of returning an athlete to play, taking the pressure off the athlete, the parent, coaches and school. We work with the athlete’s coaches, athletic trainer, school and clearing medical provider, ensuring that everyone gets the necessary information and facts.

Our Services

At Greater Lowell Chiropratic, LLC, we provide the following services for our clients:

  • Concussion education for athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers and schools. We provide up-to-date information on concussion management, including signs/symptoms and recovery protocols. We work with schools to get the education out to the coaches, athletes and parents via presentations or other means.
    Concussion prevention is discussed with the athletic trainers and coaches. This includes neck strengthening exercises that athletes can perform to decrease the likelihood of a concussive injury occurring.
  • Baseline testing for all athletes, once every year. Our baseline testing utilizes state-of-the-art technology to obtain objective data for each athlete. At Greater Lowell Chiropratic, LLC, we use Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) along with our Korebalance machines by Sportkat. Baseline testing consists of a cognitive evaluation as well as a vestibular and postural balance evaluation.
  • Post-Concussion evaluation is appropriate once a concussed athlete is no longer experiencing symptoms at rest or with exertion. The athlete returns to Greater Lowell Chiropratic, LLC, and will perform the same testing as was performed for the baseline. The results are graphed and baseline scoring is compared to post-injury score(s). Results are sent to the clearing medical provider.
  • Concussion management is provided to the athlete, parents, coaches, athletic trainers and schools. We provide a ‘graduated return-to-play’ plan for the athlete to follow with the guidance of a parent, coach and/or athletic trainer. All results will be forwarded to the athlete’s clearing medical provider once a post-concussion athlete has successfully completed the return-to-play plan and has returned for their post-concussion evaluation. Paperwork required for the athlete to return to the field will be sent to the clearing medical provider as well.

Concussion Facts

Here are a few facts that you may not know about concussions:

  • According to the CDC, a concussion is “a complex pathophysiological process induced by traumatic forces secondary to direct or indirect forces to the head that disrupts the function of the brain.”
  • Fewer than 10% of sports concussions involve a loss of consciousness.
  • The severity of a concussion is NOT proportional to the force of the impact.
  • Concussions can also occur from a hit to the body or a fall that causes the head to rapidly move back and forth or rotate.
  • Symptoms of a concussion include, but are not limited to, difficulty remembering recent events, feeling mentally “foggy,” irritability, anxiety, headaches, balance issues and sleep disturbance.
  • Symptoms can last for days, weeks or even longer.
  • Complete rest, mental and physical, is the initial treatment for concussion until symptoms have resolved.
  • Many states have mandated that schools implement a “return-to-play” program for their athletes who have a concussion.